He sounded great at interview

"Dismissal is often about weeding out people who sound great at interview but disappoint when hired"

Nick Prescot, co-founder Supper Club Presents, Financial Times May 2008 


When asked recently why she'd come on a course, a senior Personnel Manager's  honest response was "sometimes I'm interviewing all day - I often get it wrong - interviewing is a difficult task".

What does it cost when we do get it wrong?  As well as the cash costs there are many hidden costs - time wasted (cost) - morale within the organisation (cost) - customer relationships (big cost) often jeapordised.

Why is it then that  that we take the recruitment task so lightly.  Why do organisations not give all their managers training - in interview techniques - in structured recruitment process?  

You can save so much time and money by getting it right first time!