Successful Supervisor

Janet joined the Accounts Department of the client Company just over 2 years ago - a good appointment; she's bright, positive and helpful to colleagues and with outside contacts.   6 months ago she was promoted to the supervisor role, where she supervises 5 people all similar age to herself - Janet is 28 - in a busy and growing department.

Janet continued working just as well, but what she didn't do was change anything.  She didn't delegate - she didn't allow others to take over tasks, till eventually she was becoming irritable and even subdued - unlike her usual self.

Janet was offered coaching help to learn skills to delgate.

In her first coaching session Janet said she was finding the role very demanding - but she didn 't want to let her boss down because the boss had put confidence in her.  Janet was finding difficulty in letting go - "Oh it's just so much quicker to do jobs myself."  "I know how it should be done." 

In six coaching sessions Janet developed techniques to communicate effectively with her team and to let go - with confidence, so that she is now moving forward, having time to work on more strategic issues the Company needs - and she's enjoying every day.

Delegate - don't abdigate

Delegate with confidence

Grow your team

Motivate your team - they will feel valued - they will add value

Their way may not be MY way - it might be BETTER

Grow your people - they will grow your business