Heard on Radio 4's SATURDAY LIVE 14 January 2012, Athena, one of the programme's guests - she has been on 4 trips to the Antarctic - and can't wait to set off on her next trip - was asked how people are selected for suitability to fit in to what are extremely rigorous conditions; they will need to co-operate in team situations, doing demanding and unfamiliar tasks.

"Among other means of assessment PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING always proves invaluable in identifying what might be expected of a person in such very demanding circumstances, and over  long periods away from home."

Athena then added - and she was quite amazed at this: "We're one of the last countries to use PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING for recruitment and even now it is still under-used". 

Why don't we make good use of such a valuable tool - that saves many businesses large amounts of money, not to mention the many difficult situations that can be avoided by using the most effective tools?