Management Skills - a Very Different Art

I read the following some time back.  It is well worth consideration as this is one of the major difficulties that I see within organisations.   Both recruitment and promotion decisions are frequently based upon a person's professional skills, with very little consideration of the person's ability to manage people - and that is a very different art.

I've heard so often words along these lines: "Adam is a very skillled technical man and so we've rewarded him with promotion and he is now Manager of our Technical Development Department."  Adam, of course, is pretty pleased with this step up the ladder. The risk element of such skills based decisions is very high indeed.

"Research shows that the way people are managed is a key factor in improving business performance.   The most carefully thought-through policies will only be effective if line managers have the skills and understanding to engage and motivate their people.   People are frequently promoted because they have the professional and technical skills required to perform in their chosen field. But when they become a manager they discover that getting the best out of people is a job in its own right."   -     Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Training of your  organisation's most valuable asset -  PEOPLE - is the best investment your will make.   Good training increases your people's potential and increases your business potential.