Recipe for Success

In our search for new and sophisticated means to achievement and success we might forget the route is in reality simple and realistic.

I was fortunate recently when present at the Graduate Award Ceremony in Bath Abbey to hear Professor Rod Flower's acceptance speech on receiving his Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws.  Professor Flower recalled he was frequently asked the following question during the course of his long research career when young and ambitious science graduates:worked alongside the professor  "What do I need to do to be a successful scientist?"   To this his response was:  "It's simple - if you want to be successful you will, all you need is persistence and commitment."  Professor Flower has very many achievements including  those of Nobel laureate, appointed Chair of Pharmacology Bath University 1985, President British Pharmacological Society (2000-2003), Fellow of the Royal Society, plus many more. 

Professor Flower's advice could equally be a motto to aspire to when striving for success in the business world.