Upside Down Management

“Upside Down Management”  -  This is the term that John Timpson has used.  As a trainer Cecilia recognises and admires Mr Timpson's approach to be the very best one if you want committed employees who want to do their very best for you - to grow your business alongside you whilst, at the same time, grow their own stature as they feel valued
From the customer’s viewpoint – they are now dealing with a person, with someone who is aware of the importance of the customer.

Developing this philosophy even further – the Company gave up highly sophisticated electronic tills which don’t allow for individual input, such as discounts for late delivery of orders, for customer unhappiness, etc.

Cecilia now poses the questions:  

So what is John Timpson actually doing?

How does this approach help the Timpson business?

What does this do for the staff in the individual repair shops?

MOTIVATION – allows for personal involvement

Shows management’s trust in their staff

Encourages staff commitment – Valued staff  stay

with their employer - just consider the lower

costs this has on your recruitment bills.

CL RESOLUTIONS will work alongside you to develop your staff