I was feeling very unhappy in my job in a large bureaucratic organisation and was beginning to doubt myself and lose confidence in my abilities. One of my colleagues suggested meeting Cecilia Leigh a very experienced career coach.   Taking this decision really turned my life around. Under Cecilia's guidance, I completed a short personality assessment that quickly highlighted why my work life felt so tedious and constraining.  Cecilia was able to give me valuable feedback on my behavioural style and for the first time I was able to understand the frustrations in my work situation.  She highlighted that my independent behavioural style was being cramped in my present role which was desk bound and not allowing me to be a decision maker.  It did not take long for me to take the leap into a whole new world of self employment.  I am now thriving, thoroughly enjoying financial and personal success in my career as a property developer - a very different world from the constraints and frustration I'd struggled with for years.  I'm now very fortunate - I work very hard and enjoying my working life.  Thank you Cecilia for your excellent help!

Georgina W.


CL Resolutions has worked with our engineering manufacturing company over a number of years now.

With Cecilia’s training and on-going guidance our whole approach to recruitment and development of our people has changed beyond recognition. The professional approach we now take to recruitment  ensures that we avoid the pitfalls of recruiting the wrong person.  Our recruitment and retention levels have improved dramatically.  We look much deeper than the CV and technical experience.  WEC Group now get so much more out of both recruitment and development interviews and consequently know who we are recruiting, and why we are recruiting that person.  Thanks to the "tools" that Cecilia  provides us with, plus on-going support we in turn invest in our people by providing them with with training and development to achieve high standards of interpersonal skills.   We now have realistic expectations which means our staff turnover has lowered considerably.

On a personal level I can honestly say that working with Cecilia has made such a difference to my own working life.  Her training and personal coaching sessions have enabled me to handle conflict situations constructively, avoiding stress to myself and my staff, leading to more positive and productive outcomes all round.  

Derrick Connolly, Engineering Director, WEC Group Ltd


The time when an individual can reach the top of an organisation through technical competence alone has gone and, nowadays, it is essential for any leader to have people skills in abundance. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the natural charismatic leadership skills of a Churchill or Shackleton who had the ability to encourage people to achieve extraordinary things. The good news is that, with help and coaching, tools can be found that help to overcome these deficiencies and still get the best out of people.

Working with Cecilia over the past 18 months I have gained a far greater appreciation of the importance of understanding people. Not all of us are the same - we do not desire the same things or have the same motivators that push the hot buttons. Cecilia helps one to understand this and can provide tools that can be deployed when faced with the different characters we come across on a daily basis.

Using the DISC profiling provides the ability to understand why colleagues react in the way they do and, even more powerful, can give the ability to predict how someone will react. This can bring benefits for the whole organisation and although it does not mean relationship challenges disappear, it does help to smooth over the difficulties and to find solutions far quicker.

As someone whose natural tendency is to achieve the goal at all costs, it has been fascinating to see how, by using some of the tools suggested by Cecilia, one can achieve the same end result but without taking prisoners or leaving dead bodies behind!.........

Andy James, Director, Singers Healthcare Finance Ltd.


We have employed CL Resolutions as a consultant for over 5 years since our Managing Director joined the company and introduced us to Cecilia. This was our introduction to the concept of training and self development. Every employee was profiled with one to one individual feedback, which was very important given that the whole concept of profiling, and indeed training, was completely new to the company and in many cases looked upon negatively, until people received feedback, and immediately saw the benefits, as individuals, as a business.

My own career has developed within ATG Access, from sales engineer to senior management within ATG Access. Cecilia's one to one coaching throughout the development process has helped me achieve my ambitions, and to confidently prepare for the challenges within this rapidly growing Company.

Cecilia's guidance in recruiting the right people has saved our business time, effort and money. As a manager recruitment is very time consuming, mistakes are costly. I use CL Resolutions on all second interviews where Cecilia's expertise can quickly identify the right characteristics required to be successful in the role offered. The company continues to use the services of CL Resolutions for individual coaching and for team development.
CL Resolutions has given ATG Access is invaluable guidance and support. Many companies overlook the true cost of poor recruitment - it's difficult to measure.

My team has benefited from both coaching and team development where the results in terms of financial performance are clear to see. We have rapidly grown sales from £4.1M in 2003/4 to £10M 2007/8. All the sales team have been trained by CL Resolutions to identify and understand the different types of customers, both internal and external, and work with them to maximise sales opportunities.

Yes, you could say the above is down to good management but what many companies fail to recognise is the key to success is its people – to manage your people you have to understand them – CL Resolutions has brought this dimension to ATG Access and the rewards speak for themselves.

Give CL resolutions a try, be open minded in the beginning, have the vision business success that will follow.

Ray Barnett, General Sales Manager ATG Access


I started my business in 1979 with no cash flow and no customers but with a sheer determination to succeed. 

It was fifteen years later I finally learned that without good quality people around me I would not progress any further.

I always conducted all the interviews myself, but was frustrated as I knew I was not good at it.

A friend recommended Cecilia Leigh and she provided training on interview skills.  I also started to use her profiling system and it has proved immensely successful over the years as a guide in determining the right candidates for each post that becomes available.  

The guidance and support provided in the service from CL Resolutions has proved invaluable over the years and I would not hesitate to recommend the service to any business.

My Company has grown substantially and now enjoys a £30,000,000 turnover  - Cecilia Leigh has played a major part in this - without good people your company cannot succeed.

Steve Hartley, Managing Director, WEC Group Limited